About Us

CancomR is a real estate investment and land development company based out of Edmonton, Alberta.  Since its incorporation in 2006, CancomR has been active in the acquisition of centrally located land and the development of in-demand areas that focus on convenience and profitability. Our goal is to create real estate solutions for all clients and to provide exceptional investment opportunities.

Our Promise Is: Relationships Earned, Trust Returned.


Our mission is to provide real estate solutions. We believe in providing progressive residential, commercial and industrial developments that serve our districts and contribute to society. We focus on helping as many people as possible achieve their real estate dreams through the development of in-demand areas and creating opportunities that last a lifetime.


Our vision is to assist families and businesses to fulfill their real estate dreams. CancomR is eager to provide quality expertise within the real estate market and to establish innovative processes to grow our communities and developments. We are constantly striving for excellence and are proud to give back to the communities we serve, where we invest in areas of growth that help our clients reach success.

Our Plans

CancomR has just announced two new projects: Roxdale Village and Shops at Roxdale Village. Roxdale Village is located adjacent to Canada’s largest economic development region, the Edmonton - Calgary corridor, which is also the fastest growing trade corridor in the country.

Shops at Roxdale Village is located within Roxdale Village and east of the Royal Oaks community. As a local commercial zone, Shops at Roxdale Village will include a fuel bar, a number of retail outlets, grocery shops, restaurants, health services, and much more. A detailed list of providers is currently being determined.

In the Community

CancomR is dedicated to helping communities grow—that’s why we’ve started planting trees! Several times a year, dedicated members of the CancomR team will visit areas across Alberta that are in need of a little greenery and plant seedlings. Join us with this endeavour and help your local environment grow by planting seedlings in your own community.